Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Photographer Highlight: Haikal Danial | Grace Lee London | Photography

Hi guys, did I mention that I am a photographer who love meeting other photographers? No? Well then you clearly have not been following me on my socials long enough! Haha, all jokes aside... I just wanted to feature my fellow Malaysian Photographer Haikal (@hd_captures) as his photography has been so awesome recently!

Me and my little Insta famalam (Haikal, Lauren, Yip, and Ming Jun) decided to head out to Wendover for a small hike and of course, we had to take some pretty amazing photographs along the way.

We took some album cover worthy group photos using a tripod (Yes, we are legit like that)... But the real reason why I decided to dedicate a blog post to Haikal is because he managed to capture a different side to me, I almost look kinda cool - in an ironic way since these snaps are retouched in a warm autumnal tone (get it?). 

I'm so used to seeing photos of me looking sort of posey or dazed. I honestly feel like my little bro has captured my personality, even though I was feeling drowsy and flu-ey that day. My heart fluttered when I saw these images and it was a real confidence booster to see myself looking like this! 

Thank you so much to Haikal for sharing your talents with me. It was my pleasure stepping in front of the lens for you! I will miss you dearly when you leave London to head back to the motherland, our loss is Malaysia's gain I suppose.

Be sure to check out his Instagram to see what he gets up to!

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